Brand Identity & Campaign

hvv switch

hvv switch is a complete package for connected mobility in Hamburg. Individual mobility solutions complementing public transport as the mobile backbone of the city – creating a comprehensive offering, with easy access and maximum availability. The goal was to develop a new brand, including logo, corporate design, website, campaign and signage.

The dynamic hvv switch design is inspiring Hamburg to get moving and explore new mobility horizons. The vibrant design enables simple access to the complex range of mobility opportunities available in the city – and calls on everyone to get going. The logo is a homage to Hamburg, based on the symbol of the Hammaburg fortress, an abstract interpretation of e-mobility, imaginatively conveyed as an electrical plug or rocket – and fully digital. There are practically no limits to perception or interpretation. The branding ties in with the HVV brand for strategic reasons, yet also reinvents itself. It is the symbolic connection of two partners who set out to present something completely new and unique.

Mission Statement

The rocket is a universal start signal. It sends the local public transport system into a new orbit of lifestyle and direct customer interaction.


Endless mobility.

Digital presence of hvv switch: endless mobility. The infinity loop builds upon the hvv switch central theme of constant motion. With simple navigation, colourful containers and fresh content, people are called upon to explore the brand and product. And what about the user? They are always at the heart of the design and communication.
The goal is a swipe: the hvv switch concept of connected mobility solutions is at the heart of the campaign. The messages create the perfect connections – out of contrasting elements. The design is based closely on the product, following the swipe style of the app. The campaign switches throughout the city non-stop, with high recognition value.
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